Things You Need to Know Before Buying Property in Dubai

September 1, 2014

The endless opportunities that Dubai offers and the increasing influx of new people relocating to the Emirate have substantially increased the demand for property in Dubai.

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A Property Investor in Dubai May Withhold Payment of Due Installments

A recent judgment issued by the Dubai courts has confirmed a property investor’s right to refrain from making any further due installments to a developer who is in breach of his contractual obligations.
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Nullity of The Real Estate's SPAs for Not Being Registered in DLD

A landmark ruling by Dubai Courts nullifying the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) of 30 units which are not registered with the Dubai Lands Department (DLD) in terms of the Law no. 13 of 2008 ie Regulating Initial Property Registration in the Emirate of Dubai.
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Tailgaters in Dubai Will Be Caught on Radar

Dubai Police launched its annual ‘Keep a safe distance’ traffic campaign.
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