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Residents Can Appeal Against Penalties Incurred for Violating Covid-19 Precautionary Measures in the UAE


If you think that you have been unfairly penalized for violation Covid-19 precautionary measures, submit an appeal.

The Public Prosecution has recently launched a new electronic service where residents can challenge fines issued for violating Covid-19 precautionary measures should they feel that they have been penalized unfairly.  This service can be accessed via their website and via their app.

Such request can be submitted in a few simple steps which include submission of personal information, fine details, and reasons for challenging the fine. It also allows the complainant to update the request as well as submit a reconsideration.

Salem Ali Al Zaabi, acting chief prosecutor of the Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Prosecution, advised that the authority has 12 sub-committees and over 60 public prosecutors nationwide to investigate any complaint about Covid-19 fines.  They examine the complaints based on existing rules and regulations then decide whether to cancel the fine or uphold it.

For more details, please call their hotline on 80099999.

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