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Crackdown on Dirty Cars


Dirty vehicles will be fined and confiscated if left unattended on the streets.

Abu Dhabi is cracking down on unattended dirty cars on the streets. The Abu Dhabi Municipality has issued a new warning that motorcyclists will be fined Dh3,000 and their vehicles will be confiscated if they are found to have left their cars in public places for too long.

Municipal officials said that after close monitoring, a 3-day notice sticker would be affixed on unattended vehicles. If no action is taken during the grace period, the vehicle will be confiscated. Although the fine is Dh3,000, the owner of the vehicle can only pay Dh1,500 if the fine is paid within 30 days of confiscation.

The new campaign aims to inform the community about how abandoned cars are affecting the surrounding area and providing guidance on how to keep their vehicles in good condition, officials said. According to the civic body, hundreds of dirty vehicles are usually reported in different areas, including Musaffah Industrial Area, Mafraq, Baniyas, Al-Wathba and others. Most of them are confiscated, especially if they are not erected on the side of the road and in other areas.

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