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Overview of the new taxation regime to be implemented in the UAE
By Zina Adjal, Corporate/ Commercial Associate of Motei & Associates
May 15, 2017

It has been estimated that the introduction of a value-added tax (VAT) in the UAE will generate Dh12 billion of additional revenues. According to the UAE Ministry of Finance, “VAT will provide our country with a new source of income which will contribute to the continued provision of high quality public services into the future. It will also help government move towards its vision of reducing dependence on oil and other hydrocarbons as a source of revenue.

  1. Has the new UAE Tax Law been published?
At the date of this article, the UAE Tax Law has not been published yet and... read more

Creative Entrepreneurs: How to Set Up your Free Zone Business in Dubai
By Zina Adjal, Corporate/ Commercial Associate of Motei & Associates
February 1, 2017

Dubai is a cosmopolitan global city, home to a thriving international community of creative, dynamic professionals. Entrepreneurs wishing to establish businesses within the creative realm can move their project forward by establishing their business under a free zone. Under which authority should you open your business? There are a number of authorities under which entrepreneurs can open their business. However, a few authorities offer customized services for the creative industry. Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (‘DCCA’) is definitely the authority which is the most specialized in opening businesses in creative industries. Formerly as known as “Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority”, Dubai Creative... read more

How to Protect International Trademarks in the UAE
By Zina Adjal, Corporate/ Commercial Associate of Motei & Associates
January 16, 2017

We often encounter cases where entrepreneurs have decided to expand their business outside of their home country in order to venture in the UAE without properly protecting their brand. It is fundamental to have knowledge of the UAE trademark system in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future. 1. The applicable laws to trademarks in the UAE Trademarks are protected in the UAE by Federal Law No. (37) of 1992, which was amended by Law No. (19) of 2000 and Law No. (8) of 2002 (the “UAE Trademark Law”). The UAE Trademark Law seeks to provide protection for registered trademarks... read more

Opening a Corporate Bank Account in the UAE for Offshore Companies
By Zina Adjal, Corporate/ Commercial Associate of Motei & Associates
January 4, 2017

Newly incorporated companies often seek to open a bank account in the UAE. If the process might happen to be quite simple for free zone and onshore companies, the same cannot be said for offshore companies. UAE banks are becoming more and more reluctant to open bank accounts for offshore companies and the list of required documents is getting longer. 1. Required documents for the opening of the bank account UAE banks will usually require viewing the original corporate documents of the company wishing to open the account. The list of these required documents might differ from one bank to another. However,... read more

Resolving Franchising Disputes
By Ashraf El Motei
November 20, 2016

The reality: Honeymoon-Rough-Bold Despite all best efforts to maintain the “honeymoon” period, there will come time during the relationship where the franchisee and franchisor may not agree or see things differently; this is the “Rough” period… very likely, such period will evolve to a clear disagreement the “Bold” period which, if not managed properly, it can lead down an emotional and costly path.  This is the reality in any relationship. It may be that franchisee feels that the new items introduced on the menu are not going to do well in the market, or that he lacks support from franchisor, or... read more

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